ATTA President Interviewed for Travelmole Article on the Upcoming Summit in Chiapas, Mexico

16 March 2011

While moderating the panel of sustainable tourism at ITB Berlin, ATTA President Shannon Stowell was interviewed by Travelmole on the upcoming 2011 Adventure Travel World Summit in Chiapas, resulting in a March 15th story on the large travel news website. The following quotes are excerpts from the story, followed by a video of the interview with Stowell.

“The Summit ties in directly with Mexico’s overall tourism strategy because we want to complement the world’s understanding of Mexico as a sun and beach destination to show a side of Mexico that is even more exotic and diverse naturally and culturally” said Antonio del Rosal, Marketing Coordinator for Mexico´s Tourism Board. “For years, we’ve witnessed the bottom-line positive effects of the ATTA’s impact on destinations which have previously hosted Summits such as Brazil, Quebec and Norway, and we believe such global attention on Chiapas next year will help usher in a new era of responsible tourism for Mexico.”

“For six years, the ATTA has partnered with public and private organizations throughout Mexico with hopes of seeing tourism evolve to include the full depth and breadth of the country’s cultural and natural assets,” said ATTA President Shannon Stowell. “Intensive support from the federal, state and community level throughout Mexico over several years has resulted in a powerful and positive decision making process, with input from local adventure tour operators, representatives of San Cristóbal, the state governor and from the tourism ministry of Mexico.”

Download the article PDF.

Link to the video on the web.