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ATTA Original Webinars: 2013 Year in Review

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The ATTA team and subject matter experts produced more than 20 professional development webinars in 2013 for ATTA members (as well as some available to the public). How many did you take advantage of? As a major educational component of ATTA membership, here are links to the most popular and highly-praised webinars from 2013. Every past ATTA webinar can be viewed from within the ATTA Webinar Library and upcoming webinars are announced in the all-member monthly e-newsletter Prosper and in The HUB.

Webinars on Demand – Available to Public:

“Your webinar truly helped me personally get a sense of comfort because we are all in this together and I was eager to share my notes with the rest of my staff. ATTA’s commitment to supporting its members with these webinars, regional meetings and Summits are a great help and so appreciated!”
– Susan Gettum, Executive Director – Classic Escapes Inc.

“I want to thank Adventure Travel Trade Association for organizing and executing regular webinars that convey timely and important information for an adventure travel business. The Alaska Railroad belongs to many membership-based groups and I feel that our membership with ATTA is one of the most valuable to us. THANK YOU ATTA for being such a wonderful resource and for giving good value to your members.”
– Ruth Rosewarne; Sales Manager – Alaska Railroad

“The webinar was the best I’ve been part of. Thanks a million for it. I think we will action five or six of the ideas we heard. I have already lined up my staff to attend all of the remaining webinars this spring.”
– Jim Kackley; General Manager – Thomson Family Adventures

Webinars on Demand – ATTA Members Only:

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  1. Great resources here, thanks for sharing this ATTA. Access to continued knowledge and information help keep the industry educated and on the leading edge of trends globally.


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