ATTA Mission: Quebec

10 June 2014
Overlooking the Saguenay Fjord from treehouse accommodations at Parc Aventures Cap Jaseux Introduction by the President of Tourism Saguenay Lac Saint Jean during their quarterly meeting at Le Zoo Sauvage de Saint-Félicien ATTA's first ever AdventureConnect in Quebec, at Le Zoo Sauvage de Saint-Félicien

ATTA continued its efforts to further relationships with key destinations when Chris Chesak, Executive Director for North America/Oceania, completed a three-city ‘road show’ in Quebec. Tourisme Quebec, who has been a longtime ATTA partner, and various local tourism boards and tour operators, requested Chesak’s visit in order to explore how ATTA can further expand the destination’s inbound adventure tourism. Discussion topics included possible AdventureEDU programs for Quebec and/or some of its specific touristic regions, exploration of a potential AdventureWeek and ATMEX-style event, and even long-term, conceptual discussions around bringing the Adventure Travel World Summit back to North America by again having the Summit in the province. “As many of us saw from the 2009 Summit in Charlevoix, this is a region that is rife with adventure product,” said Chesak. “And now that ATTA’s staff has expanded, we’re better positioned to deepen our relationship with key destinations like Quebec. This road show is proof of that ability, as well as our continued commitment to our long-term partners.” Chesak traveled through various villages in Saguenay and then Quebec City and Montreal during the four-day whistle-stop tour. Highlights of the trip included:
Patrick Bérubé, Director of Saguenay’s Programme ACCORD (of the Créneau D’excellence en Tourisme D’aventure et Écotourisme) noted, “Having the ATTA here in Saguenay allowed us to fully explore all the possible programs offered by the association and get their perspective on the adventure product that our tour operators have developed over the years. It also helped us understand a broader view of the industry as a whole.”