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Postponed – ATTA Member Webinar: Video Storytelling in the Digital Age

2 Minute Read

ATTA Guest Presenter

Postponed until further notice

Thursday, June 20
10:00 AM PST / 17:00 UTC

Learn how to use and create video to capture the attention of your desired audience and influence the decision making process. The host and presenter, Richard Bangs, will cover the following topics during this webinar, followed by Q&A with listeners:
  • How video has changed travel and tourism
  • Buzz words: Digital, Branding, Storytelling, Experiential
  • Relating digital to the full travel funnel from start to finish
  • Use of video, with case studies from a variety of destinations
  • Performance ROI and the shelf life of your finished product
  • How online travel agencies (OTAs) such as fit into the digital strategy spectrum – from attracting a desired customer, to delivering a call to action, to capturing the conversion/booking

Regardless of the size of your organization, you can benefit from the use of video. It’s the quality of the images that is most important, according to Richard Bangs: “Every destination can be appealing with the quality images and a unique story.”

About the Presenter:

Richard Bangs has been a pioneer in travel, digital media, e-commerce, and other frontiers.

He was founder and editor-in-chief of Mungo Park, a pioneering Microsoft travel publishing effort, and he was part of the founding executive team of, serving as its Editor-at-Large. He also founded, and he was creator and publisher of Expedia Travels Magazine (published in partnership with Ziff-Davis), and executive producer of Expedia Radio, and founder and executive director of Expedia Cafes. He also served as president of Outward Bound; Founded for Slate, and was founding editor and executive producer of Great Escapes, another Microsoft Travel initiative. He also ran and founded First and Best for MSN, and founded Sobek Expeditions, which in the early 1990s merged with Mountain Travel to become Mountain Travel Sobek.

He has spent 30 years as an explorer and communicator, and along the way led first descents of 35 rivers around the globe, including the Yangtze in China and the Zambezi in Southern Africa.

He recently co-directed the IMAX Film, Mystery of the Nile, and co-authored the Putnam book of the same name. His recent book, The Lost River: A Memoir of Life, Death and the Transformation of Wild Water, won the National Outdoor Book Award in the literature category, and the Lowell Thomas Award for best book.

Richard has published more than 1,000 magazine articles, 19 books, produced a score of documentaries and several CD-ROMs; and has lectured at the Smithsonian, the National Geographic Society, the Explorers Club and many other notable venues. He writes a semi-regular feature with the NYTimes. Richard served as executive producer of Richard Bangs Adventures on Yahoo!

Richard is currently executive producing and hosting Richard Bangs’ Quests for PBS.

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  1. Hi,
    We will be very pleased attending to our first webinar, we are near to start a video project so we are very interested in the topic.
    Best, Ximena

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