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ATTA Joins The Call to End Human Slavery Now!

Director of Community Development Alice Gifford with Director Baby Jane. #EndItMovement
ATTA President Shannon Stowell & Director of Marketing & Communications Casey Hanisko start the day at the NY Times Travel Show showing their support for the #EndItMovement
Casey rallies the troops at the NY Times Travel Show - pictured here with #EndItMovement Supporter and travel blogger Fuschia, from Adventure Junky!
Middle East & North African Director Manal Saad Kelig shows her Red X from Cairo - #EndItMovement
Office & Accounts Manager Jessica Inge and Member Advocate Sarah Earp stand united in the ATTA office - thanks for holding down the fort, ladies! #EndItMovement
Director of Strategic Partnerships Liz Ferrin shows of the Hollywood skyline as she sports her Red X for the #EndItMovement
Our Business Development Maven, Meredith Guzy, gets her dinner club in on the #EndItMovement action!
Special Projects Carrie Horner and her daughter Magnolia are In It to END IT! #EndItMovement
dventureEDU & Research Manager Nicole Petrak, believing that dedication and perspiration are key to any movement, enlists employees at her local gym to help support the #EndItMovement.
The Chicago contingent of the Adventure Travel Trade Association chimes in for the #EndItMovement

Last Thursday, February 27th, END IT partners (including ECPAT International, an ATTA partner) posted photos across social media (via hashtag #EndItMovement) of supporters who joined in shining a light on modern day slavery. The following gallery displays images of ATTA team joining in on the cause.

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