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Share Your Views on the Importance of Animal and Nature Protection to Your Business

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The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) and ANIMONDIAL, animal protection in tourism specialists, are developing a whitepaper that positions travel and tourism as a force for good in bringing greater value to nature and encouraging its better protection. As part of this project, ATTA members are asked to play a key part.

Science shows that climate change and biodiversity loss are intertwined, driven by the same human activities, and can only be tackled together. There is no clear path to deliver climate mitigation without investing in nature. The whitepaper will explain the importance of nature in ensuring our security and prosperity. It will demonstrate the impacts of mismanagement, provide examples of best practices, and champion the opportunities available to travel and tourism to halt biodiversity loss and restore nature. The paper will be released as governments consider global biodiversity targets at COP15 in April, which will naturally complement WTTC’s Net Zero Roadmap and guide the sector towards a nature-positive future.

Please join us in our goal to make this whitepaper as relevant, informative, and supportive as possible, by sharing your views on the importance of animal and nature protection to your business.

Please complete the ‘Nature Positive’  questionnaire by Friday, 11th February 2022

Thank you! Your input will make a valuable contribution to our goal for a nature-positive future for travel and tourism.

1 Comment to Share Your Views on the Importance of Animal and Nature Protection to Your Business

    I am in a Tourism Industry,
    First of all, animals are a crucial part of the Ecosystem & the Ecosystem provides habitat, food and to some extent protection to animals when it comes to prey & predators. When it comes to Animal & nature protection both requires keen attention regarding in order for people to thrive we highly depend on both animal and nature for our survival (Food).
    How does it play a part in my Business:
    Animals that live in their natural environment would not exist once their habitats are destroyed. Likewise, human beings that rely on getting their daily bread from the existence of animals and nature won’t be able to make their living. I believe in nature and natural resources conservation in which people, animals and nature depend on each other and see the tangible value for their sustainability. For any wildlife trip that we do, we always ensure there is a tangible thing we have to do to the society adjacent to protected areas so the locals see the value of wildlife protection.

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