ATTA Announces New Business Management Training Courses

18 August 2020

The Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) has partnered with Adventure Travel business owners and entrepreneurs Jack Delf and Jean-Claude Razel to provide practical business management training specifically designed to address the unique needs of the adventure travel sector.

The Business Management Course Track is recommended for company owners, managers and staff, working as ground activity suppliers, tour operators, accommodation providers and travel agents in active-, nature- and culture-based travel. Topics include:

  • Business models for different types of companies in your adventure travel supply chain and how to effectively leverage partnerships with suppliers, resellers and international trade partners.
  • How to create and implement effective business and marketing plans.
  • How to create compelling visitor experiences and activities to attract specific market segments.
  • How to create effective marketing strategies to drive bookings.
These courses add to the growing portfolio of online learning available from ATTA. The 7-course track Safety & Risk Management takes adventure travel operators and managers through the complete process of setting up and running a safety management system in their operation. The Adventure Travel Guide Training 6-course track helps students to learn more about activity-specific skills and universal skills, the thematic interpretation technique to transform a good trip into an outstanding experience, how to educate and connect your guests and communities you visit, and more.

The ATTA’s legacy of education stems from Adventure Travel World Summits, AdventureEDU training events, and multi-day guide training held all around the world. Destinations such as Sweden, Chile, Jordan, and Japan have trained inbound operators and destination management companies on best practices that go beyond technical skills and marketing, diving into sustainability, group dynamics, and product innovation.

About the Instructors

Jack Delf

Jack Delf is an Adventure Travel business owner and entrepreneur. His company has been providing inbound tours to the Western Balkans for 16 years, working with many of the best known International Adventure Travel brands. Jack is also an EDU trainer for the Adventure Travel Trade Association and a specialist adventure travel development consultant; he has advised governments, trade associations and businesses in more than 25 destinations worldwide.

Jean-Claude Razel

Jean-Claude has over 30 years’ experience in adventure activities and has always dedicated a lot of time to training adventure guides. Initially focused in mountaineering and climbing, Jean-Claude is now active in the whole chain of the adventure sector. His company Alaya, created in 1997, is the reference outdoor company in Brazil. Alaya's activities are certified in safety management according to ISO 21101. As a manager of the Brazilian National Rafting Team, Jean-Claude won 6 world championships.

Learn more about the new Adventure Travel Business Management Training Courses here.