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ASI Reisen Achieves Significant Progress in CO2 Reduction for the Year 2024

24 March 2024

ASI Reisen, the leading platform for sustainable active and adventure travel, announces a significant milestone in its sustainability efforts. Compared to the previous year, the CO2 emissions per guest per day for the year 2024 have been reduced by 3%, from 19.05 kg to 18.44 kg CO2. This achievement is the result of a comprehensive review and optimization of all ASI Original Travels using the latest version of the Carmacal Emission Calculator.

International Flights
"We are aware that the majority of our emissions are generated by the unavoidable international flights. In addition to various policies that consider flight distance in relation to travel duration, we are actively implementing measures to reduce the emissions of our trips," reports Ambros Gasser, CEO of the travel platform.

Focus on Domestic Flights and Transportation
ASI Reisen has specifically identified measures in the areas where the company has the greatest impact on reducing CO2 emissions: in domestic flights and local transportation. Through the implementation of new CSR checklists and the Code of Conduct as central guidelines for sustainability in product design, ASI Reisen was able to make targeted improvements. Across all approximately 400 ASI Original Travels, the company was able to reduce the average CO2 emissions per guest per day by 3% to 18.44kg CO2 through various measures.

Successful Examples of CO2 Reduction
Two trips serve as examples of the successful efforts of the family-owned company. For the hiking trip "Peru – On the Legendary Inca Trail," eliminating a domestic flight and reducing the travel distance saved a total of 235 kg CO2. For the adventure trip "Experiencing Oman's Highlights," emissions were reduced by 214 kg CO2 compared to the previous year, particularly by eliminating a domestic flight and reducing local transportation distances.

Reliability of Data and Continuous Improvement
While these successes demonstrate that targeted measures can result in CO2 reductions, ASI Reisen points out that the reliability of data, especially in the area of accommodations, remains a challenge. However, the company remains optimistic that through continuous improvements and the strict application of its sustainability policies, further progress in reducing CO2 emissions can be achieved.


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