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ArcticTropic Relaunches As TotalAdventure – The World’s First Adventure Travel App!

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totalUSA Based ArcticTropic Adventure Travel is now TotalAdventure – the world’s first Adventure Travel App for iPhone, Android and tablet! The most exciting active and cultural adventures are now available at the swipe of a finger – or on a command to Siri!

TotalAdventure is an app, (and website) which instantly links travelers to worldwide adventure destinations. Look then Book.

IMG_1541TotalAdventure is for serious adventure travelers – not the casual tourist. In the palm of one’s hand – the most fascinating places in the world can be seen – and in seconds one can arrange to go there.

For those more comfortable with a larger screen experience – we are also web – based at

Adventure travel, extreme sports and cultural expeditions are the majority of the inventory we offer.

Travelers will search by country, activity, date and price in a simple interface designed to produce quick interest and leads to purchase. Over 60 % of Internet traffic is now mobile and it’s time for adventure travel to join the mobile world.

IMG_1545For those more comfortable on a laptop. TotalAdventure is also web based. It is on the web platform where providers can upload their packages. In a few minutes they can enter informative copy, pictures, dates and prices – uploading instantly.

TotalAdventure also offers instant payment – as soon as the traveler’s credit is approved – funds are transferred to your account.

Social media is a very important part of our strategy. When a trip is uploaded on our platform it is immediately announced on Twitter TotalAdventure as well as on Facebook. Over 3000 followers are notified every time there is a new trip. Signup on the app is via Facebook or Google+. Travelers can share when they book a trip – inviting friends to join them!

  • TotalAdventure Blog. Providers are invited to post once a week if they have new or fascinating trips to offer. Ongoing expeditions – daily reports!
  • Inventory Control. You are notified for each booking until the trip has reached capacity.
  • Post and Repost of Trips: If you offer the same trip on different dates it can be saved and reposted with the new dates or prices.
  • Total Accounting. Trip booking, names of travellers, amount paid per person, dates and commissions paid. Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Annually.
  • Powerful Sales Tool – While not meant to replace your own website, TotalAdventure is a great marketplace to gain extra publicity to supplement and expand existing sales.
  • GO:
  • DOWNLOAD: IOS (By October 1) Android: Total Adventure

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