ARCHAEOLOGY Magazine to Launch Digital Edition

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ARCHAEOLOGY magazine announced it will soon launch a digital edition of its print edition. According to Archaeology, this will reduce the organization’s carbon footprints (e.g., less paper and ink), allow them to more cost effectively reach foreign readers, allow for instant access and provide a unique and interactive experience that will include hyperlinked and audio / visual content.  The digital issue will have searchable editorial archives and interactive links to advertisers.

Advertisers will continue to receive checking copies via the print version.  ARCHAEOLOGY will begin substituting complimentary subscriptions for the digital version for the July / August issue. Readers can opt to continue to receive the print version instead by emailing Karina Casines by April 25th at [email protected]

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  1. brian zickerman

    I am quickly running out of room for all my magazine editions, When Archaeology goes digital, I would like to cancel my print delivery and only receive the digital edition so i can read on my iPad!

    neet idea!

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