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Aquarium of the World: Discover Baja California Sur Webinar

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Thursday, December 11

10am PST / 1900 CET

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Close encounters with gray whales, sea kayaking, diving and swimming with whale sharks, sea lions and other marine wildlife, stand-up paddleboarding in the Islands of the Sea of Cortes (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) and hiking with 7,000-year old cave paintings. These are the discoveries awaiting visitors to Baja California Sur, Mexico.

baja-california-destination-showcase-webinar600ATTA’s Antonio Del Rosal (Executive Director-Latin America) will moderate a presentation by Luis Palacios (Executive Director-Baja California Sur) and local tour operators:

  • Learn how suppliers are preparing to receive adventure travelers as consumer demand increases
  • See the diverse offerings in cultural, environmental and activity-based experiences

Join us for an exclusive look at a region heralded by famed explorer Jacques Cousteau as “the aquarium of the world.”

Webinar Presenters

Luis Palacios

Luis Palacios
Executive Director, Baja California Sur Tourism Board

Sergio Jáuregui

Sergio Jáuregui
Owner, Todos Santos Eco Adventures (TOSEA)

James Curtiss

James Curtiss
Owner, The Cortez Club / Mosquito Fleet

Chris Pesenti

Chris Pesenti
Founder & Director, RED Sustainable Travel

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