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Aniyami Brazil is Certified as B Corporation

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fadsfsadvvsdB Corp is a global movement of more than 2,000 companies in 50 countries and 130 sectors working together with one common goal: redefining the meaning of SUCCESS in business.

B Corporations go beyond the goal of generating economic profits while innovating to maximize their positive impact on employees, the communities and the environment. This way, the company becomes a regenerative force for society and for the planet.

This movement represents a fast-growing business community worldwide, from which Aniyami recently got certified and joined with the aim of contributing with its knowledge in the area of sustainable tourism.

In Aniyami we have been working from the beginning with the conviction that success is measured through the positive impact that we can generate around us; and we have based on this premise when it comes to creating and offering our trips, as well as establishing internal and external relationships.

Now is the beginning of a new stage in which Aniyami enters the process of measuring this impact with clearer parameters. This will bring benefits to all including your customers, to whom we will offer more respectful and higher quality experiences in different destinations. Also our team will be more involved actively with social projects in Brazil and we will be able to transmit that proximity to the country’s communities and the environment through our travel proposals.

We are very happy to have found a community to share this ideology and from which we can continue to learn, nourishing ourselves with experiences and ideas that seek to increase the number of companies with social and environmental commitment in the world we inhabit.

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