Aniyami DMC

28 July 2014

After 11 years of business, at Aniyami we continue with the same original spirit: to provide quality and creative travel experiences in Brazil, while developing sustainable relationships with clients, suppliers, employees and local communities. When we started, our slogan was "a different Brazil" as we were promoting "off the beaten track" destinations, local traditional accommodation, adventure tours & activities oriented to interact with local communities and environment. Today the Aniyami team is moving to further develop the experience of travelers, including activities that lead them to unexplored destinations and encourage interaction with Brazilian communities; we carefully choose local accommodation in each region, whether pousadas, fazendas, native houses or boutique hotels. We spend time and effort with the selection and training of our guides, whom we consider to play a central role in every trip, for their proximity to the traveler and the local community. For us, it is through this craftwork that we manage to connect the traveler with the essence of the country… and for this reason our new slogan is “The Brazil Travel Experience”.

We are a tour operator specialized in Brazil offering incoming services only to international travel agents and tour operators. With them, we work closely together in designing their own trips as well as providing them support at all stages. We dedicate a significant part of our annual budget to scouting and increasing our knowledge about the country sharing this with our clients. We work hard together to develop and deliver original and innovative services that meet our clients’ traveler needs, all throughout the Brazilian territory. This way, we have managed to create our own exclusive itineraries and activities, for example:

  • Chocolate Trail, which takes place in Bahia’s Costa do Cacau, and experiences the process of chocolate from cacao plantation to hand made chocolate at native houses. All these within a region named Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.
  • Amazon Boat Trip in Hammocks: starting in Manaus and sailing along Rio Negro, the best option for exploring this amazing region is this private expedition that includes several activities in off the beaten path parts of the river offering close contact with nature and wild life observation, to finally rest at night in traditional boats with hammocks onboard.
  • Trekking Lençóis Maranhenses: unlike other conventional tours, this expedition treks across this unique National Park and gives the chance to spend a couple of nights in the heart of this incredible desert with beaches, mangrove swamps, lagoons and dunes.
  • Ethnic Tourism with Pataxós: In the south part of Bahia, we found one of the few indigenous ethinc groups still alive in the Brazilian Coast: The Pataxos Indians. They were almost extinguished and are now recovering their culture and costumes within a sustainable tourism proposal. We will spend two nights staying at their malocas with them and then experience some of the most beautiful beaches in Brasil.
  • NGO Activities, where tourists can participate in the initiatives we have developed together with guides, travelers and also with local communities by actively collaborating with social development projects and environmental preservation. These collaborations ensure travelers to have an insight of the real situation of the country and also, have the opportunity to interact with local communities.
  • Percussion and dance Workshops: a full percussion workshop in Salvador de Bahia or samba lessons in Rio de Janeiro where visitors or groups of any level can choose from various types of drums and rhythms TO get closer to the essence of Brazilian culture.
  • Vida Bahiana, Vida Paulista and Vida Carioca are homemade activities by Aniyami that have the aim to connect the traveler with the real lifestyle of Brazilians at Salvador, Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro. To visit these great cities in a similar way as the locals do is an amazing experience.
Our commitment is to deliver these and more experiences always based on the following principles: Creativity, Quality, Responsibility, and Customer Service. For us, the word Aniyami means the start of an adventure, to discover and share new sensations and experiences. We would be delighted to share with ATTA partners these and other proposals AS part of the Adventure Travel Trade Association community.
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