Amity Tours

4 June 2012

Founded in 2003, Amity Tours is a family owned company that specializes in adventure tours in The Lake & Volcano District in Chile and Argentina. We believe that this enchanting area located between the mountains and the sea is a large unspoiled zone that has been ignored by tour operators for way too long. With almost 10 years of experience we organize tours that not only are adventurous, we comply with the highest quality service standards set world-wide. We have developed attractive excursions along with offering tailor-made programs to fulfill our client´s special interests and needs.

Amity Tours offers Hiking tours in amazing National Parks, Road Cycling tours in the unforgettable back roads of the South of Chile, Ski tours on active volcanoes with the best views you can ever imagine and Volcano-Climbing tours that you will never forget. All these tours are paired with the best Chilean wines, local gastronomy and to top it off, natural hot springs.

As an outdoors adventure company, Amity Tours pledges to preserve the natural beauty of the area. We also have programs that give our clients an opportunity to explore the ancestral roots of the region, together with local specialized guides. Some of these programs give an insight into the local flora and fauna and ethnic discovery.

Our commitment as a company is to contribute to the sustainable development of our region through the practice of “Responsible Tourism”. This commitment implies giving a high degree of importance to the values of local people and local traditions, which is reflected in the use of local guides, the selection of lodgings in locally-owned accommodations and the carrying out of our low-impact activities in wild protected areas. This is one of our most important values. All our efforts aim to help the protection of our very fragile environment and to maintain the larger amount of income generated by tourist activities in the local area. Both of these factors are of great importance for our communities and for the people that visit us.

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