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Amigo Trails, Adventure Travel Specialists in the Copper Canyon, Launches New Website

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Amigo Trails, the only independent tour operator with offices inside the Copper Canyon in Creel, Chihuahua, Mexico, has launched their new website. Amigo Trails specializes in customized and private travel packages through the canyons that incorporate their client’s time frame, activity level and interests. All trips can be fully guided or independent depending on what the client prefers.

Ivan Fernandez, the owner of this niche company, is also the company photographer who takes visually stunning photographs of the entire region for use on the new site and all marketing materials. He is also the Director of Tourist Development in the newly named Magic Town of Batopilas, at the bottom of Batopilas Canyon and works on several conservation projects in the region such as the Secret Forest Project in El Fuerte, Sinaloa and the Silver Trail Patronato from Batopilas itself.

Yolonda, the Trip Design Specialist at Amigo Trails, is your direct line to a thrilling and in-depth vacation package through the canyons. She works with all clients directly and personally in order to streamline their travel ideas into the perfect itinerary for their own personal idea of paradise. You can find Trip Outline ideas on the Trips  page on the new website  that fit your time frame, then she’ll mold that outline to fit your activity level and interests. Trips can be biking, hiking, multisport or even sedentary based, and says Yolonda ‘Because all our trips are private, you don’t have to wait to see if the trip will fill up and worry about it being cancelled, nor do you have to travel with strangers who invariably cause the usual problems experienced with group travel. All our trips are customized to fit our client’s perfectly and can be moderate to luxury based, guided or independent and You, the client,  are always in control of your own experience.’

Healthy and beautiful picnic options such as the ‘Amigo Perfect Picnic’ or the ‘Deluxe Discada’ can be pre-booked during ground tours and put Amigo Trails & The 3 Amigos into a category by themselves for class and ‘Amigo’ style. These simple but elegant picnics are set up at an incredible overlook or in the woods with a nice view allowing clients to feel more in touch with the area around them. Deluxe Discadas, a regional specialty in the northern part of Mexico, are a wonderful way to immerse oneself into the culture of the area and they are served with china, crystal and linen tablecloths by your own chef while on tour.

The handy add-ins such as Flights over the canyons allow one to enjoy amazing views from above as well as below and also help save an enormous amount of time if one is on a tight schedule.

Amigo Trails  and their ground operations management company in the canyons, The 3 Amigos, make it easy to find them on many social media platforms such as; Twitter, Face book, Pinterest and Linkedin and you’ll find excellent reviews on Trip Advisor.

The new website is well thought out and allows a visitor ease of use in finding just what is needed. You can visit the Destinations page to find out where the canyons are located and more information about how they were formed, then scroll down and you’ll see individual links to all the different areas you may visit on any trip through the canyons. Most individual destination pages come with a video of the area too.

The page about the culture of the Raramuri Indians, the native inhabitants of the region, is of great interest to many who are fascinated by the lifestyle of these simple people who’ve managed to retain most of their cultural heritage and their own language.

Quick links on the sidebar help one with easy navigation to other parts of the site for basic information about the area and one can even purchase a variety of different types of Trip Insurance directly from the site or just get a quote, as Amigo Trails is partnered with the powerhouse World Nomads.

A live chat line is available so you can ask questions directly as they occur to you while surfing the site.

Enjoy planning your next great Copper Canyon Escape and experience adventure travel in the rugged Copper Canyon in Mexico with this new website that will make planning your dream trip a snap.

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