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Amazonas Explorer Urges Overseas Buyers to Help with Peru Adventure Licensing Scheme

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Did you know Peru introduced an adventure licensing scheme in 2019?

Did you know that only a handful of Perú operators have bothered to get their licences?

The problem is, local operators are still able to sell their tours, despite not having a licence. And that is because people are still happy to buy from unlicensed operators.

Mark Smith, Head of Marketing at Amazonas Explorer explains, “ATTA has been promoting higher safety standards in our industry for many years through the Adventure Travel Guide Standards. Perú took a huge step forward in introducing the Adventure Licensing Scheme in 2019. But sadly, many overseas buyers, by buying from operators who do not hold the correct licences, are unintentionally hindering the success of the scheme.

“I urge all ATTA members to ensure their local operators hold the appropriate licenses. As ATTA members, I am sure operating responsibly is important to us all. This is one area where we all have an opportunity to help. In fact, I would say we all have a duty to help.”

Owner of Amazonas Explorer, Paul Cripps added, “It is frustrating. Ourselves and a few other companies are trying to do what is right, by getting our adventure licences and supporting the scheme. Yet each day we go out and see a multitude of operators carrying on without these licenses. Some have even told me they have no intention of getting licensed. While the Peruvian government is cracking down, it is a very slow process. We need the support of overseas buyers to make this happen, to raise the standard of adventure travel in Perú. After all, it is the safety of your clients we are talking about.”

Click here to see a list of which local operators hold which adventure licenses for the Cusco and Sacred Valley area, including which routes they are licenced to operate. It is up to date as of the end of April 2019. Contact [email protected] if you want more details of the Perú adventure licensing scheme.

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