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Amazonas Explorer Announces All Trips to Be Carbon Neutral in 2018

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Following on from 2017 where they made all their office operations carbon neutral, Peru adventure operator Amazonas Explorer is delighted to announce that all your trips with them will also be carbon neutral in 2018. Working with Regenera, a fellow B-Corporation also in Peru, they compensate the carbon in the Manu National Park as part of a project which also allows local communities to gain income by becoming guardians of the forest.

Head of Marketing, Mark Smith, said, “Jetting across the world to take an adventure in Peru or any other destination is not sustainable. Do not believe people who tell you it can be. But we figure people are going to come anyway, so let’s offer the option to do so as responsibly as possible.

“Making all our trips carbon neutral is just one more step towards being the kind of company we want to be. We continue to fight the battle against plastic – not easy at times – and we continue with our reforestation project in the Lares Valley, having just passed 600,000 native Queñua trees replanted since 2007. We also hope to offer an easy way for clients to carbon offset their flights in the near future.  I know some people think being carbon neutral is a big deal, but we look at it as a minimum standard that everyone should meet. Otherwise pretty soon, there will be nowhere left to travel to.”

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