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Alpine Tourist Comission Launches New Interactive Website

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The Alpine Tourist Commission (ATC) made up of 5 nations, Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy and Austria, released a new innovative and interactive website, Walk My Alps, designed to take visitors on a virtual guided tour of the Alps and see the picturesque region through the eyes of those who know it best, local residents.

The Walk My Alps website enables visitors to have an authentic Alpine experience by illustrating the sights, playing the sounds and telling the real life stories that are typically found in this part of the world. Website visitors will “meet” 10 authentic personalities (2 from each of the 5 Alpine nations) that will guide them, through a series of photographs and video, through their corner of the Alps. Each of these residents was selected because they represent an experience that can be commonly found across the borders of the Alpine region.

To bring the website to life, the ATC contracted a photographer to spend weeks in each of the countries of the breathtaking Alpine region to capture the essence of the local personalities and of the Alps. This process enabled the creation of a realistic online journey that will provide visitors with a first-hand perspective of life in the Alps.

Through photographs, visitors to the site are able to tour the inner workings of an historic bell foundry whose bells ring throughout the world including in the Vatican; capture a glimpse into the kitchen of a master chef hard at work creating mouth-watering delights for the patrons of his 4 star restaurant; peek in on a farmer who illustrates the cheese making process right from the very first drop of milk; visit a toy shop to witness a woodcarver bring life to pieces of timber with her simple tools and careful hands; and ascend to the heights of the Alps with a world-renowned mountain climber who shares the incredible views he witnesses each day. These experiences and many others, along with first-hand accounts and photographs of daily activities, will open visitors’ eyes to the charm and allure of the Alps.

The website was developed to provide Americans with a broader view of the Alpine Region and to encourage travel during non-winter months. Because of the unparalleled skiing and winter sports activities offered in the Alps, many only think of the area as a winter tourist destination. The new Walk My Alps website opens eyes to a broader perspective of the region and demonstrates that this area is a four-season vacation destination with un-ending activities such as hiking, biking, water-sports, and festivals; picturesque and charming villages and towns; exceptional spas and outstanding wine and cuisine. And of course some of the most awe inspiring views in the world.

Peppered into the website amongst the tours, stories and photographs, visitors will find travel information such as hotels, restaurants, transportation options and tour packages making it easy for visitors inspired by the Walk my Alps website to actually Walk the Alps in person.

Those planning a trip to the Alps and looking to have the quintessential Alpine experience or those simply interested in learning more about the region will find this website an invaluable source of information and interest. To visit Walk My Alps, go to

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