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Alaska to Africa Travel, LLC

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AA_FINAL_Logo[1]Alaska to Africa Travel, LLC, is a boutique corporate adventure firm, where we design exceptional travel itineraries for small groups with carefully selected elements of outdoor adventure, challenge, and the luxury our clients have come to expect. We wholeheartedly believe that in order for teams working in highly competitive environments to flourish and to retain their edge, they must tap back into nature, disconnect from the concrete jungle and fully recharge. When our clients step away from the fast paced corporate life and experience our exclusive journeys, they come back refreshed, stimulated, and ever more productive. They’ve done something awesome together. And they know it.

Our clients are high level executives from small firms primarily in the financial sector. They value professionalism, luxury, and the utmost discretion, which are just a few of the reasons they appreciate Alaska to Africa Travel. Coming to us from diverse backgrounds they share two common traits: They work hard and play hard. As a result of our clients busy lifestyles, they not only benefit from the amazing trips Alaska to Africa designs, but also from the exceptional personal attention they receive leading up to their life changing experience. They welcome a way to disconnect from their demanding routines and experience something new that allows them both to relax and regain some much needed balance without having to lift a finger – knowing that every detail has been attended to by an expert who knows how to craft the escape their team needs. Most importantly, our clients know they’ll be fully taken care of, pampered, challenged, and refreshed.

Alaska to Africa Pic and LogoThere are 4 experiences we provide during each and every journey to ensure a life-changing adventure:

  1. Escape and Disconnect
  2. Confront Raw Nature
  3. Plunge into Exclusive Luxury
  4. Be Restored by Balance

The name of our business, Alaska to Africa, speaks to the fact that we primarily operate in Alaska and Africa.  We’re always especially interested in meeting likeminded adventure travel ground operators who would like to work with us in our continued effort to offer adventurous team building activities!

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