Agency for Promotion and Support of Tourism in Macedonia

30 June 2014

The main purpose of the existence of the Agency for promotion and support of tourism of the Republic of Macedonia is to encourage and improve the tourist offer of the Republic of Macedonia. Agency is working on promotion of the whole tourism industry around the world with the main goal to make the country recognizable tourist destination, easy to find on the world map by it’s quality tourism offer.

Through integrating the existing facilities, creating projects for tourism development, increasing the competitiveness of Macedonian tourism, achieving a higher quality of tourism products and services will contribute in the main idea of this organization.

Never the less, sustainable development of the tourism sector is the general aim of the Agency for promotion and support of tourism.

Also the Agency is working on developing responsible tourism that will maintain a balance between environmental, economic and socio-cultural aspects and ensure long-term sustainability.  Developing tourism built on recognition and competitiveness of the international tourism is the main aim of the Agency that will be based on the rich cultural, natural heritage, harmoniously arranged places, preserved traditions.

Products and/or Services

The Agency for promotion and support of tourism of the Republic of Macedonia is offering two services- promotion and support of tourism.

Regarding promotion, the Agency is promoting the tourism of the Republic of Macedonia on the international level, increasing the awareness for the existence of the country which is one of the main goals that the Agency has.

Promotional campaigns in different media outlets will raise the awareness and attract tourist in the country.

Actively promoting the country abroad will lead to cooperation with well-known tour operators around the world which will have Macedonia as their offering.

Tourism fairs are very strong tool for the promotion sector in the Agency. 17 tourism fairs are on the list to be visited by the Agency throughout the year. During the fairs the Agency is initiating direct meeting with tour Agencies around the world and promoting Macedonia.

The Agency is working on straitening the communication and cooperation on the local and international level and trying to attract direct foreign investments in the field of tourism as well.

The second service that the Agency is offering is support of tourism of the Republic of Macedonia. The ,,Support,, service contains support of tourism by creating and developing projects such as hiking trails, mountain bike trails, projects for development of tourism in free flights and paragliding, developing of auto camps and eco ethno villages which will contribute in creating quality tourist offer.

  • Primary Market/s-Audiences Served
The Agency for promotion and support of tourism of the Republic of Macedonia has divided the world tourism market in three segments (circles). In the first segment are Adriatic countries, second one are all the other European countries and in the third segment is made from the countries which are located on a huge distance from Republic of Macedonia, named - overseas countries.
  • Geographic Reach/Areas of Operation
Regarding the location of the Republic of Macedonia, and the size of the country, the Agency is mainly concentrated on European countries mostly because of the distance.

The other countries which are located on the other continents are interested for Republic of Macedonia but mostly as a offering for a circle Balkan tours.

Asia and North America are the second areas of operating with organizing and participating on Business to Business meetings with the industry and some tourism fairs.

  • Special Interest in Connecting with the Adventure Travel Community: e.g., networking, marketing strategy development, research, partnerships/alliances, sustainable travel, insurance needs, etc.)
Republic of Macedonia decided to join the Adventure Travel Community because it’s offer is created by the nature. The potential that Republic of Macedonia has is enormously big and Adventure Travel Community is giving an excellent chance for networking and partnerships. Sustainable travel and marketing strategy development is the second interest of the Agency that decided to join this community.

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