African Queen Tour Operations

2 December 2009

African Queen Tour OperationsEthiopia is such a huge and happy surprise for the adventure traveler. African Queen Tour Operations exists to proudly share with you the country that we love.

African Queen Tours is a joint Canadian/Ethiopian venture. It all started in 1999, when Canadian Maureen visited the country to take part in a travel documentary. Mageru was her guide –and wouldn’t you know it, they fell into that age-old pattern - Boy meets Girl in jungle; Boy and Girl fall in love; Boy and Girl start an adventure tour company.

Not quite Tarzan and Jane. But Maureen and Mageru offer you a great combination. Mageru is a native Ethiopian (and now a proud Canadian) with over 17 years experience in guiding through the wilds of tribal country. Maureen is an experienced solo traveler who understands the Western travelers’ expectations. Our individual guides are experts in trekking, bird watching, cultural tribes and history.

Together we know how to take care of you and we will give you the adventure you desire.
All our guides have passed a Red Cross First Aid course. They have years of experience in navigating the challenging Ethiopian roads as well as off-road travel. Our cooks can whip up tasty, nutritious meals while camping and our camp supplies are new, comfortable and in excellent condition. We do supply portable sanitary facilities and shower tents.

Enough about us. What about Ethiopia?

Ethiopia has been described as “a land forgotten by time”; it is one of only two African nations that have never been colonized (although the Italians did hang out there during a 5 year occupation in the Second World War and left a legacy of exquisite pastry recipes). The geographical remoteness and isolation allowed it to maintain its culture in a very pure fashion.

Ethiopia is steeped in mystery – folklore, fact and religion are intermingled together. Did the Queen of Sheba start the dynasty with King Solomon? Is the Ark of the Covenant hidden in Axum? Historians aren’t sure. But Ethiopians know. How did the amazing monolith and semi-monolith Lalibela churches get built underground in the 12th century? Today’s engineers cannot explain. But until someone comes up with a definitive answer, Ethiopians know that “the angels helped.”

Ethiopians also know that a country can be almost equally composed of Christian and Muslim groups and both groups get along very well. And that is not folklore, but fact.

How do you like your adventure?

Hard? Try trekking by foot or mule through the rugged Northern Simien Mountains, or the gentler alpine Southern Bale Mountains.

Medium hard? We will go to visit the tribal people of the South – the Mursi, Surma, Karo, Konso, Hamer folks. Basic, down to earth camping and decidedly extra-ordinary cultural experiences.

Something a little softer? Including a hotel bed? We will lead you through the Historical Route of the North, to visit castles, churches, waterfalls, lakes, monasteries, and stelae.

African Queen Tours offers you small, personal tours to suit your budget, interests and time. Our standard tours can be customized.

We would be pleased to hear from you about co-operative ventures.