Adventure Travel Trade Association Releases First Global Adventure Bicycle Tourism Report

30 September 2014

(SEATTLE) October 1, 2014 – The Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA; released the results of the first global bicycle tourism survey for the adventure travel industry. Each year the ATTA invites adventure businesses to share anonymous information about their companies and uses that data to compile a report called the Industry Snapshot. The 2014 Bicycle Tourism survey follows a similar methodology, but focuses only on adventure businesses offering cycling trips or activities.

Nearly 200 tour companies completed the survey, providing a large quantity of data from a variety of countries for the report. The results include statistics on Average Cycling Trip Length and Price, Types of Cycling Activities, Difficulty of Trip, Bike Brands & Types Used, Training Requirements for Guides and Cycling Customer Demographics. The companies surveyed, which includes both cycling-exclusive and mixed-offering tour companies, received an average of 45.6% of their revenue from cycling activities and reported an average 16.3% net profit margin.

“Over the last several years a specialized cycling group within the ATTA has grown and the need for more formalized information was needed,” said Christina Beckman, ATTA’s Director of Research. “Adventure travel may seem like enough of a niche, but we really want to pursue deeper insights into verticals like cycling to truly understand every corner of this industry.”

This self-organized group of adventure cycling companies had met during the last several annual Adventure Travel World Summits to discuss industry trends and needs specific to cycling. The group comprises active ATTA members who have been working together for over a year to create a more formal niche group to help make the most of their membership and better use the ATTA to meet their specific needs.

This project was supported by the contribution of ATTA members: Paul Easto (Wilderness Scotland), Alejandro Gonzalez (Venezuela Elite), Lauren Hefferon (Ciclismo Classico), Jorge Perez (Tierra del Volcan / World Bike Adventures), Maria Elena Price (ExperiencePlus! Bicycle Tours), Monica Price (ExperiencePlus! Bicycle Tours), Jim Sayer (Adventure Cycling Association), James van der Westhuizen (My Adventure Namibia), and Euan Wilson (H&I Adventures Ltd.)

The full 2014 Bicycle Tourism report is available for purchase at the ATTA’s Research Center. ATTA members can access the report in The HUB, the community website for ATTA members.

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