Adventure Travel Trade Association Member Cyclomundo Featured on Popular French Television Show Capital

24 February 2014

Gaillard, FRANCE – Last August, the unique travel company Cyclomundo was featured in a 10-minutes segment on the French TV show Capital. Now Cyclomundo will be distributing this segment and raising awareness of this quintessentially French adventure tourism opportunity through its membership with the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA). The full clip is available here.

The feature segment offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse of Cyclomundo. A dream come true for founder Bruno Toutain, Cyclomundo helps adventuresome travelers connect with the landscape and people in ways that typical vacations cannot match. The company offers both guided and self-guided tours throughout France, Spain, Switzerland and Italy for any skill level. Self-guided tours are the company's specialty, though, as these are more cost-effective for participants while also giving them more control over what they can see and do.

As part of the burgeoning adventure tourism industry, cyclotourism has proven especially popular in France. The sights and sounds of the French countryside are so much better appreciated at the gentler pace offered by a bicycle. As a member of ATTA, Cyclomundo hopes to continue growing while still offering intimate, personalized and completely unique tours to people from around the world.

Capital is one of the most-watched programs in France, with an emphasis on business and economic news and feature segments. The program airs on M6, the third most-watched and most profitable private channels. When President Francoise Hollande needed to introduce and explain his economic policy to the French public, he chose Capital as his platform.