Adventure Life Announces New Maternity Benefit

24 January 2017

baby-1There are only three states in the U.S. that provide paid maternity leave for employees: California, New Jersey, and Rhode Island. Given this fact, it is especially rare to find a company that provides such a benefit in the state of Montana.

Adventure Life is proud to announce a commitment to offering paid maternity leave.  The maternity leave benefit compliments other Adventure Life policies already in place to support new mothers, such as allowing infants in the office until six months of age and providing areas designated for nursing. These policies have already created an environment conducive to mothers bonding with and caring for their newborn while still being able to work.

“Adventure Life has always felt like a family, and it has been rewarding to watch so many of our team have children over the years,” said CEO/Founder Brian Morgan. “It is likely past due to offer such a benefit, but all the same I am proud to finally make this commitment.”

Maternity-to-Work Bonus Details

Adventure Life recognizes the hardship in transitioning from maternity leave back to the workplace.  As such, we provide four weeks of compensation to new mothers transitioning back to work.  This bonus is paid out over the course of six months after an employee has returned to work and resumes a minimum average of 25 hours per week. Eligibility for this bonus begins after three consecutive years of full-time employment.  Staff can certainly choose to take leave for longer than the four weeks associated with this bonus per state and federal medical leave law.

Since Adventure Life is a small company, the maternity leave policy was able to be shaped to fit the unique needs of easing the process of coming back to work for new mothers.