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Adventure & Landscape

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Adventure & Landscape is a local travel company, based in NW Argentina. Why this name? Because we are located at the heart of South America and the core of this continent is a land of contrasts; where changing landscapes are the perfect stage for fun adventures that are not too rough, or too soft; and include local culture experiences.

After 7 years of guiding for legendary overseas companies, planning itineraries, finding the right sights and opportunities for a wide range of clients; plus surveying and doing research for her books, Ana Ines Figueroa decided to create Adventure & Landscape, a travel company designed to provide authentic experiences for travelers who seek true journeys instead of staged trips.
Everyone working in the company is local, what gives the travelers a unique opportunity to understand this land through the eyes of those who live here. Born and brought up in the Andes mountains, the mountain roads, the vast distances, or the llamas, ponchos and drinking mate are all second nature to the Adventure& Landscape team.

We want travelers to have a knowledgeable, fun and full of learning experiences holiday in South America; meeting many people, learning new skills and returning home assured that they have done something positive for the region they have visited and with a heart full of warm memories.

Being a small company, our endeavor is to share this land as we would with a friend, taking our clients to places they would not find by themselves; all of this combined with the required professional and safety considerations.

All our trips have a story; no itinerary is a simple collection of kilometers and great places. Every location has a reason to be in an itinerary. Once we know what our future client wants: wine, mountains, nature, landscapes, history, high mountain climbing, cuisine, comfort, roughing it, or a bit of everything we will design the itinerary that best fits our clients’ desires.

Organization Mission/Purpose:
Our wish is to create authentic travel experiences for travellers seeking adventure, culture, nature, excellence and fun. We live where we work, so we are not only able to show the region from an insider’s point of view; but strive and are truly committed to create opportunities for local communities and help preserve fragile areas.

Responsible travel and sustainable practices are not common in this region, so we are not only working to accomplish these standards ourselves, but to reach out to all those involved in the local travel trade. Bringing sustainable practices into the region, not only to the travel industry is one of the main purposes of our founder who also works as a consultant for various projects in the region.

Products and/or Services:

  • Tailor-made nature based adventures: with a taste of local culture and history. Our travelers will not only be hosted by our guides but will have the chance to meet professionals in different fields: archaeology, geology, history, wine making or Andean cuisine.
  • Overland trips in small vans or 4WD: always staying at local estancias, inns and posadas that reflect the best and most diverse of the South American traditions. These trips combine contrasting landscapes with daily different activities: hiking, horseback riding, rafting, canoeing, cycling or snorkeling.
  • Trekking into the Andes: day treks combined with vehicle driving, with comfortable accommodation. Or from 2 to 5 day trekking in the mountains, staying with local communities while discovering local traditions and a land of contrasts.
  • Nature and landscape photography expeditions: guided by a professional photographer; together with all of the above.
  • Specialist solo travelers: for the traveler who wants something designed to his/her needs, dreams, or academic achievements.
  • Location scouting: art, journalist or commercial photography, TV documentaries, writers and researchers; based on our experience in writing and photography assignments.

All trips are all inclusive, including Argentine excellent wines! All transport mention in itineraries: land and air, plus all mentioned activities with entrances and permits.

Accommodation: Adventure & Landscape has meticulously chosen small hotels, little posadas or estancias; some of them with not more than 5 rooms; or luxury B&B, but always small. Promoting sustainable practices and responsible travel, places carefully selected for their respect for their surrounding environment and community.

The places chosen to stay at are in many cases destinations in themselves; they reflect the best and most diverse of the South American traditions and will give the traveler not only with a memorable place to stay but the chance of understanding how a South American estancia or fazenda works, or interacting with the landowners achieving a sense of fulfillment and enjoying every minute of their stay.

Primary Market/s-Audiences Served:
United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom. Couples, solo travelers, small groups of friends, families with children 12+. Specialist travelers. We work with small groups, up to 8 or 10.

Geographic Reach: Argentina: all regions (northwest, Patagonia, Iugazu and Iberá wetlands, Buenos Aires, Mendoza and Córdoba), Northern Chile, Bolivia, Southern Brazil, Uruguay and Peru.

As a local based company we are interested in networking and creating partnerships or alliances. We are actively working to bring sustainability into this region so connecting with experts in sustainable and responsible travel is a key factor for us.

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