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Adventure Junky Launches ‘offsetter’ Program, Empowering Frequent Travellers to Become Climate Positive Citizens

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On Friday, September 20, coinciding with the Global Climate Strike, sustainable travel App ‘Adventure Junky’ will launch its Carbon Offsetter program to help the millions of concerned travellers on Earth make an immediate and impactful contribution to the climate crisis.

“As passionate travellers we have a deeper appreciation of the beauty of our planet than most – yet through our travels we’re also producing roughly 3x the CO2 emissions of the average citizen,” said Adventure Junky Founder, Fuchsia Claire Sims

Tourism accounts for 8% of global CO2 emissions with long haul flights being the major contributor. Put in perspective, an individual flying from Sydney to London and return generates approximately 6 metric tonnes of CO2, more than the entire annual emissions of the average Italian, and enough to melt a staggering 18 square metres of sea ice.

“The Adventure Junky Offsetter is not just another tick box when buying flights. It’s a commitment to become a climate positive citizen and help ensure we have a safe and thriving planet for future generations to explore,” Sims said.

For a monthy subscription of US$14, Adventure Junky’s Offsetter provides travellers with a simple, convenient means to offset 36 metric tonnes of CO2 annually – or in more tangible terms – offset their personal CO2 emissions, plus a buffer for travel that equates to several domestic and international trips per year.*

Adventure Junky Offsetters can monitor their positive impact in real-time on their online profile. Each month another 48 trees are planted on their behalf in the real-world, and reflected in their growing ‘online forest’. They can see the carbon reduction projects they’ve supported and the positive impact they’ve made on atmospheric levels of CO2.

“With governments failing to act and frustration mounting, we are giving the adventure travel community a simple and affordable way to take action into their own hands, and play their part in the climate solution,” said Sims.

The Adventure Junky Offsetter program is a collaboration for the climate with UK-based clean-tech start-up Offset.Earth. Adventure Junky offsetting is achieved through a combination of fully-audited tree planting programs and certified Gold Standard investments into carbon reduction and renewable energy projects.

Learn more or sign up to be an Offsetter

*Based on the assumptions that the average resident in the western world generates 10-12 metric tonnes of CO2 annually, and greenhouse emissions of 1/4 tonne CO2 per hour of flying. On this basis the Adventure Junky Offsetter plan equates to offsetting the average western world resident’s personal emissions (12 tCO2), plus approximately 96 hours of flying time (24 tCO2).

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