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Adventure Engine Inc. Announces

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Rossland, British Columbia – Feb 15, 2006 Adventure Engine takes flight with WestJet to promote adventure tourism products and will be part of bringing a new sense of Adventure to more companies in 2006.

”WestJet recognized the need for guests to get to important recommended travel resources quickly. The adventure travel segment is a growing market for the airline. WestJet is pleased to invite Adventure Engine on board in offering our guests one-stop shopping for their adventure travel needs.” Web Business Lead for WestJet was quoted.

Adventure Engine is an online marketplace of adventure travel, provides new innovative technology and distinguishes itself by being the adventure industries main source of live trip inventory. It also represents a great success story of entrepreneurial vision. The company seized on a great idea, has quickly gone international and is now partnering with larger companies like WestJet to bring adventure travel to new heights.

An Online booking system designed specifically for adventure travel.
The company based in Rossland BC is the brainchild of 2 talented women who saw an opportunity and need in the Adventure Travel industry and have built the company up to the full team it boasts today. They looked at what online distribution did for airlines and hotels (like Expedia) and applied that model to Adventure Travel. Trip suppliers use the system to do their reservations and trip management from a centralized database. Then Adventure Engine takes those trips and shares them online with travel agents and sites like WestJet.

” It is a great win win for all parties and is bringing Adventure Travel online in a whole new way. “ said Amber Hayes CEO of Adventure Engine. “What also makes us unique is that any company can participate whether they are large or small and whether they want to sell their own trips or resell others trips for a commission. We provide great technology to the trip suppliers and a whole new product line for other online sites to resell for a commission. An added benefit is Adventure Engine maintains a site for end consumers to search, compare and buy trips in one stop. The site has everything from 14 day hikes in Nepal from $750 , whale watching in Mexico to Cat skiing in British Columbia from $249 a day. It has trips and tours to meet the varied perception of the Adventure Travel market”

In the case of WestJet, the airline has chosen to start by displaying winter activities like cat skiing, heli skiing, touring and other ski packages from the Adventure Engine database as a value add option for their guests buying airline tickets. The Adventure Engine has taken a while to get tuned but CEO Amber Hayes notes that now they are indeed ready for flight. “We have been working with over 100 tourism companies and have created a very flexible system that can be catered to the unique booking needs of each company “

Asked about the significance of this WestJet deal Amber remarks “This will be an excellent example of how the Adventure Industry can partner with other travel industries. We have an opportunity to showcase some real gems in tourism to a new audience and create benefits for all parties. We are here to ensure Adventure Travel has its place on the internet where travel is really taking off.” It seems that with great partnerships like WestJet and the many tourism companies subscribing to have their trips distributed, the sky really is the limit for Adventure Engine.

Company Information
For more information please contact Amber Hayes, CEO Adventure Engine Inc., 1-800-993-6648, (250) 368-7618 or email [email protected]


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