Adventure Canada Wraps up 25th Anniversary Season Full of New Arctic Discoveries and Unparalled Exploration

10 November 2013

Greenland’s underwater canyon, Kap York archeology and rare Bottlenose whales among season’s discoveries

Port Credit, ON - After 25 years of Arctic exploration, Adventure Canada continues to discover something new and novel with each sailing, proving the Arctic is still widely unexplored. This past summer, while scientists found a colossal canyon -- rivaling the Grand Canyon in length – under Greenland’s ice sheet, Adventure Canada guests and guides were busy making their own discoveries, including several undocumented archeological sites, encountering extremely rare wildlife and visiting new areas of the North with every sailing.

“The Arctic is full of surprises,” says Cedar Swan, Adventure Canada Vice President. “We’ve had an incredible 25 years and I’m grateful we had the opportunity to share and participate in unprecedented discoveries every step of the way.”

This season, Adventure Canada visited Kap York, on the northwestern coast of Greenland and for the first time, guests were able to explore many archeological sites in the area without the guise of heavy snowfall. Greenland boasted several more opportunities for voyagers to discover the enigmatic island, including a new visit to Uummanaq’s children’s choir and orphanage and an added zodiac cruise to nearby Store Glacier.

Among the most notable wildlife sightings of 2013 were a group of bottlenose whales seen mere metres away, baby arctic foxes peeping out from their dens, and even narwhals, the unicorns of the sea.

Guests were also treated to new onboard experiences, such as the “First Annual North of Sixty Adventure Canada Marathon Extravaganza” where voyagers competed in a race around the ship. With Adventure Canada, it’s about making the most of your Arctic journey, on and off the ship.