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Adventura Africa

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Our mission at Adventura Africa is to supply luxury tours and safaris throughout Africa at a personalized level, allowing guests to experience Africa to the absolute maximum, within their budget, time, needs and desires.
Needs of the individual traveller are our priority which means that we are able to organise anything from private planes, and privately guided tours, allowing guests to travel worry-free and in absolute luxury.

Alternatively self-drive is an option where guest are able to explore the land by themselves. Tours are planned to include anything from mountain hikes, secluded beaches, city tours and everything any safari can ever include. Our team is available 24 hours a day for anything that you or the guests should need during their stay, allowing guests to be at ease and relax throughout their holiday.

Our target market is mainly the English and Spanish speaking countries, however with a multilingual team we are able to assist in French as well. We have successfully assisted agents from all over the globe. Adventura adapts to the guests desires, should they need a private Spanish speaking guide throughout their trip, or are simply wanting to self-drive through the country.

We pride ourselves on the detail we put in to adapting to the needs of the individual traveller. By doing this we are able to organise anything from private planes to privately guided tours, allowing guests to travel worry-free and in absolute luxury. Some guests choose to rather self-drive exploring the land by themselves, but this does not mean we leave them on their own; we still take individual care of them with welcome packages (branded with the agents logo) and assistance with collecting their car. Tours are planned to include anything from mountain hikes, secluded beaches, city tours, peninsular tours, wine tastings and everything any safari can ever include. Name it, and we will always do everything we can to make the holiday the best it can be.

Activities that we can include are canoeing, luxury mobile camping safaris, horse riding safaris, walking safaris, culinary tours and off the beaten track authentic experiences. When travelling far away from home, reassurance that you are in the right place is always a nice feeling. Adventura assists with making that a definite when guests are in our hands. We personalize our itineraries for agents as well in that vehicles for transfers and welcome packs within the Cape are branded with the agents logo, not ours. Adventura ensures that all guests are well aware at all times that they are with the right person, in the right place and have all the contact information they need to be in touch with whomever they need to be whenever need be.

Adventura offers many different holiday options specifically in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Rwanda and Uganda. These holidays can include family holidays which allow children to also be a part of the safari experience. For families we can provide private villas which allow the family to all sleep under the same roof. Daily activities for the children such as cooking with the chef and local crafts are organised by the lodges. Safari trips are done with families in mind, stopping to show the children the tracks and telling African stories. Guests have the option to have a private jet to fly between closer destinations giving complete luxury and privacy during their stay and in the moment decisions as to when they want to leave. There are many other things we are able to offer, all dependent on the individual travellers desires.

We are interested in networking opportunities, relationship development, marketing strategy development and news about the industry in regards to marketing and sales opportunities.

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