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Access ‘Indigenous Tourism: Time-Honored Traditions of Hospitality’ Presentation

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Editor’s Note: Last week’s webinar on Indigenous Tourism, hosted by Ben Sherman of WINTA, elicited a great deal of positive feedback from attendees and we wanted to give others an opportunity to view the recording. Please note  that the second half of the hour is Q&A in which Ben answered a wide range of interesting questions in an expansive and thoughtful manner, and is worth listening to. We hope you enjoy this presentation as much as we did!

Webinar guest Ben Sherman at the 2012 ATWS in Lucerne.

A webinar titled “Indigenous Tourism: Time-Honored Traditions of Hospitality” was presented by me on August 8, 2013 as part of Adventure Travel Trade Association’s ongoing webinar series. The webinar was presented under the banner of the World Indigenous Tourism Association (WINTA) of which I am a founding member. The webinar was intended for ATTA’s audience as a basic introduction to Indigenous peoples worldwide, and more specifically to provide some information and advice on connecting adventure tourism with Indigenous tourism.

“Everything Ben Sherman speaks of is an important reminder to me as a photographer wanting to tell stories and introduce guests to far off lands. I can listen to him over and over again.”– Michele Westmorland

ATTA and WINTA have developed a partnership and an excellent working relationship during recent years. WINTA members have participated in the past two world summits in Chiapas, Mexico and Lucerne, Switzerland. Several members of the WINTA family will be in Namibia in October to spend a few days with Namibian hosts in remote communities, and to participate in ATWS 2013 as speakers and facilitators. The leaders of WINTA intend to continue this relationship with ATTA. We will seek ways of connecting our respective networks in circumstances of cooperation and collaboration.

Indigenous communities have a lot of winning places and programs to offer our friends in the adventure tourism business.  Indigenous histories, cultural expressions, landscapes and that special brand of hospitality hold great appeal for adventure travelers. The close connection of Indigenous people and communities with the natural world create unforgettable experiences for guests in some of the best places on Mother Earth.

– Ben Sherman

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  1. Rebecca Sanchez

    As a retired teacher and now a Tour Director and Travel Consultant, I emphasis the reciprocal benefits we as a people receive when we experience cultures, traditions and beliefs from around the world.

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