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A Way To Save The Rhino, Just Not Its Horn

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As rhino poaching numbers climb in several African regions, even as the species becomes more endangered, a controversial new way of stopping the practice is gaining traction: the rhinos are tranquilized, their horns harvested and they’re allowed to live and grow new ones.

NPR reports there were 448 rhinos reported killed for their horns  in 2011 –  a third-straight record-breaking year in South Africa. The impetus? Widespread belief in Asia they are a medicinal cure all.

The proposed solution would be rhino farms where the animals would be anesthetized and de-horned to try and decrease poaching and illegal sales.

To squelch the black market, Gwin says some advocate for rhino ranches, where the horns are cut in a way that allows them to grow back. The horns would then be harvested for legal.

Many conservation groups oppose the practice.

For more information, read the article on NPR.

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