A Radical New Way of Looking at India: Indian Outskirts Launches its New Website

31 August 2015

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 18.08.57New DelhiIndian Outskirts is proud to be launching its brand new website. It will be a revolutionary way of looking at India and would give enough food for thought to those with adventure in their heart and the wild side on their mind. This website caters to the young at heart and is born out of the belief that irrespective of who one is, there is always an adventure for him or her.

For long, India has been known as a cultural destination. With the Taj Mahal as its centerpiece, the country boasts of a plethora of forts and monuments. From grand old palaces to quaint old villages, the country has something on the offer for the intrepid traveller. For those who wish to venture off the beaten track, the country opens up the doors to its people, its food, its music and its vibrant atmosphere.

With Indian Outskirts, travellers will get to know a completely different side of India – one that lives in the mountains of the Himalayas, the forests of Central India, the cliffs and coast of Central India and one that still lives in our cities. This is an India rarely visited. A traveller may have glimpsed it sometime from behind your coach while travelling from one place to another. But he/she would have hardly delved into it unless they focussed on wildlife, a trek, or a cycling journey. This is the India that Indian Outskirts will take you too.

Of course, Indian Outskirts realises that it is imporant to have partners who refer clients to us. Our partners help us in a huge way. They are a ready source of information for travellers who are looking to travel to India – especially since iO may be thousands of miles away in a different time zone.

Moreover, since Indian Outskirts deals with only one region in the world, the partners also help in suggesting other destinations if the guests request so.

As a result, there is a specific page listing partners who endorse our services around the world. This would help guests reach a partner closest to him or her.

This is the start of Indian Outskirts' constant engagement process. In the works is a B2B website that would have training modules, destination updates and sample journeys that our partners can use or refer when suggesting the best possible journey for our guests.

Indian Outskirts is a unique travel organisation that believes that India's story lies as much in it's inanimate objects as in its animate flora, fauna, and humans. It is our grand plan to convince you of the same by organising your travel. Born out of IndeBo, the underlying philosophy is to organise experiences that the traveller would cherish as a memory. The new website of Indian Outskirts is on line.