A “Quality-Safety” certification recognized by Quebec government for the safety of tourists in adventure activities

19 February 2020

The “Quality-Security” accreditation: the result of a recognized expertise

For the last 15 years, Aventure Écotourisme Québec has been striving to make its expertise recognized in improving the professionalism of the nature and adventure tourism sector. 

The “Quality-Safety” accreditation is a self-regulation process for nature and adventure tourism businesses that has been developed by Aventure Écotourisme Québec with the financial support of the ministère du Tourisme (MTO). In order to ensure the maximum security of tourists engaged in nature and adventure activities in Québec, the accreditation includes more than 60 minimal standards, with strict criteria, plus some specific standards for certain activities; technical training for guides; inspection procedures for businesses and responses and measures following any complaints. 

Please note that our accreditation process is already recognized by the World Tourism Organization (WTO) as a reference for the standardization of adventure tourism. 

“We are pleased that the ministère du Tourisme acknowledges our specific competence and expertise in regulating outdoors and nature activities in Québec. In giving financial assistance of $200,000 the ministère du Tourisme and the Government of Québec not only help us complete the “Quality-Security” accreditation of the businesses that are not members of our Association, but they also recognize the merits of our accreditation process for the increased professionalism of businesses in Québec. It is a great step for our industry.” Pierre Gaudreault, General Manager, AEQ.  

This major financial support follows, among other things, the pleas of Ms Sylvie Bernier, Olympic champion and author of “Le jour où je n’ai pas pu plonger”. Having suffered a tragic experience, she recognises how important security is in our sector. This financial aid will allow Aventure Écotourisme Québec to certify the one hundred or so non-member businesses through support, mentoring, tools and ground evaluation performed by advisors and experts from the field. 

 A welcome incentive for the safety of clients

This announcement by the Minister sends a strong message to all businesses in the nature and adventure tourism field. Should they wish to take advantage of the government funding programs managed by the ministère du Tourisme, they will have to have received the “Quality-Safety” certification. 

The main objective of this program is, of course, to encourage all nature and adventure tourism businesses in Québec, whether they are partners of the MTO or not, to offer local and foreign visitors a safe and secure tourism and outdoors experience, making Québec a world-class destination.

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