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“A Guide to Best Practices for Archaeological Tourism” Now Available for Free

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On October 22, 2009, during the ATTA’s Adventure Travel World Summit in Québec, Canada, the ARCHAEOLOGICAL INSTITUTE of AMERICA (AIA), ARCHAEOLOGY MAGAZINE, and the ADVENTURE TRAVEL TRADE ASSOCIATION (ATTA) announced the completion of a manual of good practices for anyone interested in visiting archaeological sites. The guide outlines practices that allow for proper, sustainable archaeological tourism, giving visitors the opportunity to fully experience ancient sites while minimizing any negative impact. The guide is an important resource for tour operators who wish to incorporate archaeological sites in their tour packages, for tour guides who lead people through the sites, for tourists who want to see these sites first hand, and for site managers charged with the maintenance and protection of sites. In conjunction with adequate and properly funded site management plans, these guidelines will help ensure that the public enjoy the experience of visiting ancient places for generations to come.

The Guide is intended as a starting place, and all three partners in this endeavor encourage feedback, additions and suggestions to help to ensure it’s thoroughness, accuracy and ability to influence the way the tourism industry and travelers interact aia-best-practices-pdfwith archaeological treasures worldwide. You are encouraged to share this free guide throughout your teams, your entire supply chain and to your client travelers. Email [email protected] with comments/feedback using the subject header: “Archaeological Tourism”.

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