A Deep Dive on Aviation and Climate for the Climate Conscious Traveler 

27 September 2022

“Is it even possible to be a sustainable traveler if you fly?”  

This central question is at the heart of a newly-published report on aviation’s role in climate change. The paper was co-written by Christina Beckmann, Leader and Founder of the carbon removal collective Tomorrow’s Air, and Susanne Etti, Global Environmental Impact Manager at Intrepid Travel.

The authors note that while tourism as a whole is moving in a more sustainable direction – think eco-friendly hotels, public transportation and electric vehicles, consuming locally sourced food, and engaging in socially responsible activities – aviation is limited by the speed of technological advances and industry innovation.

Which is not to say that nothing can be done. Beckmann and Etti share the facts of aviation’s role in climate change, examine how the travel industry and aviation organizations are responding, and review key facts for travelers building their knowledge about carbon offsets and carbon removals.

While flights – especially international and long-haul – often bear much of the blame for emissions, flying accounts for 12% of the travel industry’s total emissions. The remaining 88% accounts for tourism and its associated supply chain. Climate-conscious travelers, tour operators, and suppliers will find practical suggestions and action items for how to lower their impact (or even achieve net-zero) within the report.

A Deep Dive on Aviation and Climate for the Climate Conscious Traveler is free to access for all members. Short on time? Check out this excerpt for key highlights.