A Classic, Functional Throwback: the Heritage Weekender

22 October 2012


Manufacturer: Eagle Creek

Product: Heritage Weekender

Product type: travel carry-on

Capacity: 2135 cu in / 35 L

Website: http://www.eaglecreek.com

Product webpage: http://shop.eaglecreek.com/heritage-weekender/d/1218_c_111

MSRP (in USD): $115.00

The Heritage Weekender from Eagle Creek is a great combination of throw-back style, simplicity, and durability.

A derivation from the brand‘s more technical line of luggage, the core of this bag is really quite simple: just a large, zippered space to put all your stuff, which I really appreciate. No frivolous bells or extraneous whistles here, because you simply don’t need them. It’s pretty much ‘throw and go’ with a bag like this. Ample pockets on the outside of the bag (and a few inside as well) provide more than enough opportunity to organize your essentials and keep critical items within easy reach.

After its straightforward simplicity, the feature I appreciate the most is the style. It’s got a groovy, hip, throw-back sort of look that reminds me of a bag that you might see on Mad Men or in a Cary Grant flick. It reminds me of a classic ‘kit bag’ that might have been passed down from my grandfather, with durable, old-school suede zipper pulls, custom metal fittings, and a dapper interior.

But don’t let the old-school stylings fool you because it’s made of uber tough Cordora fabric, with a coated bottom for additional durability, and has a slip panel for stacking on wheeled luggage.

I have a closet full of too many strap-covered backpacks and bags that scream, ‘I’m technical! I’m hard-core!’ It’s a refreshing change to also now have such a classy, honest bag as the Heritage Weekender, the perfect bag for a weekend in the city, a getaway at a B&B, or for use as a very spacious long haul carry on bag.