2013 WildChina Explorer Grant Contest for $3000 Has Begun

16 August 2012

Beijing, CHINA - If you have ever dreamt about travel in China, then pinch yourself because your wish is about to come true. Today, WildChina announces their 3rd annual WildChina Explorer Grant contest with a prize of up to $3,000. Inspired by WildChina Founder Zhang Mei’s own experiences hiking Mount Kailash, the WildChina Explorer Grant is designed to encourage others to design and pursue groundbreaking explorations of their own. Whether you are a family that goes camping on the weekends, or a hardened mountaineer, all are encouraged to apply. The most important criterion is an imagination and a thirst for exploring China.

For the 2013 WildChina Explorer Grant, contestants are now required to submit a 90 second video explaining their idea and why it represents exploration to them. Complete rules on this change are available on the WildChina Explorer Grant section of the WildChina webpage.

In 2011, the WildChina Explorer Grant was awarded to Jeff Fuchs for his retracing of the Ancient Salt Route in Qinghai. In 2012, there were two winners; Shanghua Zhang has already returned from his trip to Ganzi Prefecture in Sichuan Province and William Bleisch and Yan Lu will be traveling to Ailao Shan this fall. Take a look at their pictures on our Pinterest page and get inspired because 2013’s winner could be you.

Applications will be accepted from August 13th to November 16th by 5:00 PM EST. Questions about applications should be directed to [email protected].