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20,000 Native Trees Planted in Patagonia

15 August 2023

Earlier this month, Say Hueque | Argentina Journeys fulfilled a great commitment to sustainability: we planted 20,000 native trees in Patagonia.

It is news that really fills us with pride and reaffirms our commitment to tourism in harmony with nature and the host communities.

In 2020, we set out with the goal of being the first travel company in Argentina to neutralize carbon emissions. Then we realized that this was not enough, so we decided to go further.

By 2021, we started collaborating with ReforestArg, a local NGO working on forest restoration and conservation in Patagonia. Since then, we have been donating ten trees for every person who traveled with us, and we have participated in mass plantings.

Then in 2022, we achieved a milestone of planting 10,000 trees. Again in collaboration with ReforestArg, we initiated the funding for the construction of local nurseries to cultivate native trees. This approach allowed reforestation to have a positive economic impact on the local community.

We continued planting in the Rio Tigre basin, a region located on the outskirts of Cholila, a small village at the foot of the Andes range located in the province of Chubut. This area has suffered many fires that devastated several hectares of native forest.

Our achievements of the year encouraged us to aim even higher: we committed to planting 20,000 trees by 1 August, 2023 –  Pachamama Day. 

We are proud to announce that we met this goal, reaffirming our commitment to preserve the planet, support local communities, and protect future generations.

About Say Hueque | Argentina Journeys

Launched in 1999, Say Hueque | Argentina Journeys is a travel company based in Argentina that creates experience-driven trips in Argentina & Chile focused on connecting travelers with nature and local communities. The company strives to bring the best of the country to its guests, for example, avoiding the crowds during a visit to the Perito Moreno Glacier, hiking Torres del Paine at the ultimate time and place for an intimate experience with the Patagonian mountains, and when to enjoy the best sunlight over the mighty Iguazú Falls to ensure guests are awestruck and without words. 

Say Hueque | Argentina Journeys is carbon negative, climate positive, and believes that travel is a force for good. They offset 100% of the carbon emissions produced by land travel, and plant ten trees per traveler on each trip. Compensating carbon emissions, operating plastic-free trips, and committing to local communities are ways the company is creating a more responsible and meaningful way of exploring Argentina and Chile. 

© Say Hueque | Argentina Journeys

© Say Hueque | Argentina Journeys

© Say Hueque | Argentina Journeys

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