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Ace the Himalaya

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Organization Mission/Purpose
Our passion lies within the people, trekking, culture and the spectacular holy mountains. These are all contributing factors that form this amazing world you wish to visit. Proudly we are dedicated to providing expert guidance throughout each stage of your holiday experience. Behind the scenes we are committed to the policies, we believe they make up the Ace the Himalaya difference and heighten the way you travel.

Ace the Himalaya’s main direction is to provide first class adventure tourism whilst generating a fairer income for the local community. We pride ourselves on vast knowledge and networks which allows us to focus on every detail of your journey ensuring minimal impact on the environment and local people.
Therefore we have been in the profession long enough to know what makes our trips a huge success. We’ve spent years finding places to stay that are quaint, out of the way, and comfortable when we take you to the most amazing parts of the Himalayas. When travelling with us you will feel a sense of comfort as you become part of our family. Our team has been carefully selected for their specialized skills and talents along with their dedication to managing our large network of clients.

What hasn’t changed is the passion for people, trekking, mountains and the personal service we offer to everyone who travels with us. Ace the Himalaya continues to organize and lead quality treks, tours and adventures for small groups of like-minded outdoors people. We remain small enough for all our trips to be special.

With each of our holidays we can suggest optional activities such as white water rafting, Scenic Mount Everest flight, Jungle Safari the list goes on to find out more we can supply you with a detailed list of optional activities for you to achieve the most from your Himalayan holiday.

This is our corner of the world. We know it intimately. We love it passionately, so much so that we want to share it with kindred souls”. We are proud to showcase the Himalayas to the world!

Join us now for all trekking, touring outdoor adventure and Culture experience in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan Himalayas.

Products and/or Services
Adventure Holidays, Culture Tour, Trekking, Hiking, Walking, Climbing & Expedition, Festival Tour, Jungle Safari, River Rafting, Charity Challenges, Team Building, Volunteering, Family Holidays, Corporate Service.

Geographic Reach/Areas of Operation
Himalayas (Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet)
Special Interest in Connecting with the Adventure Travel Community (e.g., networking, marketing strategy development, research, partnerships/alliances, sustainable travel, insurance needs, etc.)
Partnerships/alliances, Networking, Marketing strategy development, Research, Sustainable travel, Responsible Travel

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