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Green Living Project

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In this era of global environmental and social awareness, one of the best things citizens can do is live and support a more sustainable lifestyle. Green Living Project™ is focused on documenting, promoting, and supporting successful and unique models of sustainability from around the world. In 2008, Green Living Project highlighted Africa, documenting projects administered by leading non-profits, eco-lodges, conservation organizations, travel companies and local tourism boards. In 2009, GLP returns to Africa, as well as embarking on its first expedition to South America.

Through various production and distribution techniques, Green Living Project™ aims to educate, inspire and entertain while encouraging individuals and communities to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. The company markets its exclusive content both online and offline, including international multi-media lecture events that are open to the public, attracting a wide audience from high school students to working professionals to retired baby boomers. Events showcase projects from around the globe focused on relevant and important sustainability topics such as responsible tourism, renewable energy, wildlife conservation, community development, waste management, and organic farming. Attendees learn about the geographic regions covered, local communities, examples of sustainability, and responsible tourism. Each event also shows how people can get directly involved with each project and organization by volunteering, visiting, donating, or purchasing items. Key partners include National Geographic Adventure, REI, Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA), Adventures in Travel Expo (ATE), African Wildlife Foundation, Earthwatch Institute, Timberland, Gregory, and Keen Footwear.

From Rob Holmes – Founder and President of Green Living Project – on the Lecture Tour: “The most rewarding aspect of these events has been the overwhelmingly positive feedback from attendees and event partners. Attendees are engaged, inspired, and have the unique opportunity to get directly involved with interesting projects from around the globe. They also learn about the world, sustainable living, responsible tourism, and how each of us can make a positive impact. Our professional content and unique storytelling about positive success stories really resonates with people since it celebrates and instigates activism to make a difference locally and globally. These educational components will be expanded when we launch our new Education Program this spring. This exciting new program will further develop our educational objectives, and will expand the lecture tour to elementary, undergraduate, and graduate schools nationwide.”

Green Living Project is always on the hunt for key project and retail partners with a parallel commitment to sustainability. Please contact Rob Holmes for more information.

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