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World Wildlife Day in Action – Bringing Together Flora, Fauna and the Community in Botswana

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3 March 2014 is the inaugural World Wildlife Day.On this first-ever World Wildlife Day, IUCN stands together with CITES and the international community in calling the world’s attention to the urgent need to secure the survival of fauna and flora species in the wild” Julia Marton-Lefèvre, Director General of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

African Conservation Experience (ACE) are excited to mark World Wildlife Day by announcing sponsorship of the Community Greenhouse Project in Botswana. The project represents  a practical approach to safeguarding the coexistence of wildlife, habitats and local communities. It is initiated by Legodimo Wilderness, a Botswana based wildlife conservation project.

“Due to human encroachment and man-made fences, elephants are concentrated into certain areas…The most obvious change in vegetation is the disappearance of unique and flagship tree species such as Baobab, Marula and many forms of Acacia…The answer came from the communities around us – a collaboration between conservation and community.” Mieke Prinsloo, Legodimo Wilderness

The project will involve the local communities of Bobonong and Mathathane in constructing and maintaining two greenhouses, which will be utilised to grow both endangered tree species and vegetables. Legodimo Wilderness will replant the trees to restore habitat damage by elephants and facilitate stronger populations of species such as giraffe, which have declined in the area due to a lack of Acacia trees. Vegetables will be available for consumption by the communities, creating a positive association with conservation.

African Conservation Experience will facilitate the participation of international conservation volunteers in the project.  The dates for the Greenhouse Project  are 12-23 May 2014 & 18-30 August 2014.

Costs for a 15 day placement including participation the Greenhouse Project as well as the Botswana Wildlife Monitoring Project are US$3,020 including return transfers from Johannesburg airport to Botswana, accommodation, meals and contributions to the project.

Interested volunteers can contact African Conservation Experience on +44 (0)1454 269182 or [email protected]

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