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World Nomad’s Safety Hub Delivers Advice to Travelers in Chile

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Chile earthquakes: advice for travelers

Just before dawn on Saturday 27th February, an 8.8-magnitude earthquake struck Chile. The epicenter was situated in the Maule region, 300km south of the capital, Santiago.

So far, over 700 deaths have been recorded with fears that this will rise significantly over the coming days. The Earthquake sent waves of more than two metres crashing into the coastline as well as into outlying pacific islands, sparking Tsunami alerts as far as New Zealand, Australia and Japan.

Chilean government agencies and forces are currently working around the clock to restore electricity, supply emergency medical assistance and assess what other support is required before requesting international aid. offeres travel safety and advice to help those in the affected areas stay informed. Click here for such information and for insights on how your operation/destination can help travelers stay informed in the aftermath of crises.

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