Travel Company Cancels More Bangkok Tours

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Small group adventure company, Intrepid Travel has increased the number of trips it has canceled following ongoing violence in Bangkok.

The decision comes as governments around the world increase their travel warnings for travel to Bangkok, confirming the concern of Intrepid Travel’s Bangkok office that travel in the city was too unsafe.

As an Australian company, Intrepid Travel automatically cancels trips when the government increases its advice to ‘Do Not Travel’. Intrepid Travel had previously announced that it had cancelled trips up to and including 23 May. Today, it has announced that it has extended the date to 31 May.

The decision to cancel trips departing Bangkok up until and including 31 May impacts 69 passengers (or 26 trips). Passengers are being notified of the decision and offered a full refund on their travel.

“Countries around the world have increased their warnings for travel to Thailand, confirming what our office in Bangkok has already told us – that it’s unsafe to travel in Bangkok at the moment. We are hoping that the situation changes quickly so that tourists return to Thailand and normal life can resume for people living in Bangkok,” said Eliza Anderson, Intrepid Travel spokesperson.

Intrepid Travel’s Bangkok office has created a blog which provides regular updates:

Interviews with Bangkok-based Intrepid Travel staff can be arranged.

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3 Comments to Travel Company Cancels More Bangkok Tours

  1. Lets hope that the conflict in Thailand come under control and both travellers and local people who rely so heavily on the tourist dollars can go back to normal. Intrepid Travel have made a good decision here I believe.

  2. ํYata K.

    Now, the situation in Thailand has turned back to normal already. Welcome back to Thailand with many special offers, and cheaper accommodations during this season.

  3. It’s a shame this story is so old because all is calm once again in the capitol city of Bangkok. Of course, the scar on tourism is one that will take a long time to heal but most governments have since lifted their travel warning and people are slowly starting to feel comfortable again about traveling to one of the safest places on earth. Even during the whole protest situation in the rather small area in the center of Bangkok, most of the country continued on like there was nothing happening. We are based in Hua Hin, Thailand and travel around the country extensively only to find continued Thai hospitality that really defines this country as one of the greatest places to vacation in the world. While there will always be political conflict in Thailand as there is in any Democracy, it seems the worst is over and ongoing violent protests will not be the reputation of Thailand for long.
    This coming weekend is the Hua Hin Jazz Festival and even though tourism is really suffering it is guaranteed to be a full house with a great deal of entertainment and activities. Come back to Thailand as soon as you can! Bangkok is no longer a concern and the rest of the country is as it always was – Truly Amazing! Cheers, Chris

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