Tortilis Camp Goes 100% Solar!

2 June 2014

We are proud to announce that Tortilis Camp is now the first camp of its size in Kenya, if not, Africa, to operate on 100% Solar Power!

Stefano & Tortilis Camp manager Andrea in the Solar Control Room

After months of hard work filled with calculations, negotiations, and installations of over 190 solar panels on a site larger than 500m², we are finally there! These panels power 48 batteries, each weighing 216kg. By going solar, we will be able to reduce our use of diesel by 28,000 litres a year, dropping our CO2 emissions by approximately 60 Tons per year!

The panels are positioned unobtrusively & are only visible from the air, so clients can enjoy silent, green 24 hour energy!

Tortilis Camp was one of the first 'eco-lodges' of its kind in East Africa winning the Tourism For Tomorrow Award after only one year in operation. Kitich Camp in the Mathews Range and Elephant Pepper Camp in the Masai Mara also run on 100% solar power. All our camps have either a Silver eco-rating (Elsa's Kopje, Kitich Camp, Tortilis Camp, Lewa Safari Camp) or a Gold eco-rating (Elephant Pepper Camp & Joy's Camp).

In our pledge to be a leader in Responsible and Sustainable Tourism, we continue to strive for Gold at all properties and there are plans to extend 100% solar energy among the entire portfolio of camps, so watch this space...