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Top 10: Best Ethical Destinations for Your Vacation in 2011

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Report Names Countries Where Human Rights and the Environment Are Protected

Torres del Paine, Chile Andre Viegas /Dreamstime.

BERKELEY, USA – As the ecotourism movement continues to grow, making a vacation choice that respects the Earth is becoming more and more important to travelers.

To assist vacationers with their travel decision-making, the nonprofit organization Ethical Traveler has just published its 2011 report on “The World’s Best Ethical Destinations.” Ethical Traveler conducts an annual study of developing nations from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe to identify the best ethical tourism destinations. The group focuses on three general categories: environmental protection, social welfare, and human rights.

The 2011 list (in alphabetical order) includes: Argentina*, Barbados, Chile*, Costa Rica, Dominica*, Latvia, Lithuania*, Palau, Poland* and Uruguay. To read the full report including methodology, visit .

Report co-author and Executive Director of Ethical Traveler Jeff Greenwald explains, “We sincerely hope that travelers will take this list into account while planning their 2011 travels. By visiting the places honored here, we can enjoy amazing journeys and cross-cultural encounters while showing our respect for countries that care about human rights and the environment.”

Co-author Jane Esberg adds, “Developing countries should be encouraged to pursue good behaviors. Tourism can provide an economic incentive to improve human rights, environmental conservation, and social practices.”

Some choices, as in past years, will be controversial. “No country, anywhere, is perfect,” notes report co-author Natalie Lefevre. ”This report showcases the most ethical developing countries, based on dozens of sources and extensive research. But no place gets perfect marks in all aspects.”

Note to Editors: Photo of Torres del Paine, Chile <c> Andre Viegas /Dreamstime.

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