3 February 2010

Togfrog is …

togfrog.comTogfrog is a website for visualization of extraordinary travel experiences and information about thrilling activities all over the world. At Togfrog you can watch and share videos of common people experiencing adventures. We use our knowledge and our broad user appeal to promote adventure operators to the costumers early in the decision-making process. Providing a video of the adventure activity enables the costumer to be able to choose the activity he or she would be most likely to try while traveling.

We would provide our users with the opportunity to learn about experiences they might not have stumbled upon otherwise - something new and fun the next time they are out traveling the world.

Togfrog enables travelers and adventure operators around the world to upload videos of their special and unique travel experiences and activities. Thus creating a vast selection of adventure travel activity videos that are shared to other interested travelers looking for inspiration and information. When uploading and sharing, the user or operator will have to pinpoint the activity on a map for the convenience of others who consider travelling the region. The information added to the activities consists of the most relevant information for any potential traveler. Extraordinary experiences for ordinary people created by ordinary people.

We have customers and users from all over the world and are interested in other companies involved in the industry that would like to take part in creating the focal point for adventure travel videos on the Internet.

The people

We are a Danish start-up that has emerged as the end-result of our education as engineers and our personal interest and experience in traveling and trying out fun stuff. We are three guys responsible for the idea, the development and the maintenance of this site. The company is currently located in the central Denmark at a start-up environment in the city, Herning. Our way of working is based on the belief that it has to be fun, relevant and beneficial. We aim to be as creative and "new-thinking" as possible and we are very receptive to any ideas and constructive criticism from our users and other implicated people.

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