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The Recent Earthquake in Ecuador

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Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 9.39.40 AMThis past Saturday (April 16, 2016), a 7.8 magnitude earthquake was recorded on Ecuador’s coast. Currently, the Ecuadorian government, international partners and the Ecuadorian people are taking timely actions and attending to emergencies in the hardest hit provinces (Esmeraldas and Manabi).

The principal actions taken so far include the following:

  • Water is being supplied to the impacted areas
  • Search and rescue specialists from Venezuela, Colombia, Chile, Peru, El Salvador, Cuba and Mexico are now at work on immediate rescue actions
  • Ecuadorian firefighters are in different affected areas
  • Cuban physicians and members of Mobile Hospital of the Ecuadorian Armed Forces are attending to victims

Also, the roads in Manabi Province have now been cleared, though it is requested that people driving in and through the area do so with great caution. Likewise, though Manabi’s main airport (in the city of Manta) is closed to commercial flights until further notice, this airport remains open for flights carrying humanitarian assistance. The port of Manta remains in operation.

You should also note that the tourism facilities and infrastructure located in areas not significantly affected by the earthquake — including those in the Ecuadorian Amazon, the Andean highlands and the Galapagos Islands — remain open, are fully operational, and continue to serve tourists. According to the Ministry of Tourism, these fully operational facilities include all airports, lodging accommodations, tour operations and ground transportation in these areas.

The Galapagos Islands (located 970 kilometers, or 600 miles, from the mainland) have not been affected by the quake or its aftershocks. All airports, hotels and cruises in the area archipelago are fully operational and all tourism activities there (including excursions and guided tours) are functioning normally.

As for Surtrek, all of our clients here in the country are safe and sound, as are all of our employees and their family members. As a company, we would like to express our deepest thanks for all of the understanding, solidarity and support provided by all of these individuals and families.

The operations and services provided by Surtrek have not been affected. Our personnel in the Operations and Sales departments remain attentive to any event and/or emergency that may arise. Surtrek’s contingency plans maintain a strategic and operational structure that will help control any emergency situation and minimize their consequences.

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