Terres D’aventure Offsets 100% of Carbon Dioxide Emitted by Customers

29 December 2017

Starting January 1, 2018, Terres d’Aventure will offset 100% of carbon dioxide emitted by its customers’ air and ground transportation. The French leader in the hiking industry will achieve this goal by financially supporting a new Livelihoods Carbon Fund to fight global warming and empower local communities on a socio-economic scale, along with 8 other European groups. Among the new projects financed by the Fund, two focus on mangrove restoration: one in the Sundarbans in India and the other in North Sumatra in Indonesia.

© Julien Mignot/Voyageurs du Monde

These reforestation projects are operated on mangrove forests and so-called additional forests that would not exist without carbon offset. By choosing to support projects such as the mangrove plantation, which produces an oil with no commercial value, Terres d’Aventure guarantees the viability of carbon offsetting: No one would have planted them without this project. Mangrove forests represent a significant source of biodiversity. They create a unique ecosystem that provides a habitat for a great variety of species, and they contribute to a restoration of vital agricultural land by retaining a massive influx of saline water.

As the Livelihoods Carbon Fund has obtained the strictest labels delivered by the United Nations, Terres d’Aventure is able to prove that the forests being planted would not have been planted without its support, and that they will never be destroyed.

Environmental emergency

Environmental degradation, due to global warming, intensive industrial agriculture, and transportation lead to middle-term catastrophic consequences on biodiversity. Considering this emergency, Terres d’Aventure has been committed to supporting reforestation projects worldwide, including in Senegal and Peru, since 2010, through its Foundation: Insolite Bâtisseur Philippe Romero. Up to now, the tour operator was offsetting 20% of each customer’s carbon dioxide emissions. Today it’s going farther in the global warming fight by offsetting 100% of these carbon dioxide emissions from the beginning of 2018.

We can not walk anymore on Earth without preserving and restoring it, and continuing to make life on it possible. We need to think about tomorrow.

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