Terres d’Aventure Launches a New Magazine

19 December 2017

The Earth, the starting point of Terres d’Aventure adventure with its clients in France, to open a new chapter

Terres d’Aventure is very proud to introduce its brand new magazine, which replaces its brochures and creates a link between its daily work and French travelers' escape wishes. Conceived as an invitation to travel, the magazine will cover different themes twice a year. This first issue gathers reports, interviews and portfolios focusing on a common topic: the Earth.

Where it all began – Throughout the continents, the authors, photographs, bloggers and other contributors share their travel experiences with readers. In this issue, Terres d’Aventure celebrates the beauty of the Earth. One will read the portrait of the man who wanted to walk around the Earth, a report in the heart of the Amazon forest, the Earth’s lung, a dialog with Vandana Shiva, a leading figure in ecologist activism. Are those topics too down-to-Earth? Terres d’Aventure is also a great dreamer: since it is only a short step from the Earth to the Moon, the reader is invited to reach for the sky and contemplate the prettiest pictures taken by Thomas Pesquet, the French ESA astronaut.

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