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Tag a Bag With a TassaTag

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A project of ECPAT-USA, a TassaTag enables all travelers to stand up against child sex tourism.  It is a 4”x6”, bright, very visible  luggage tag that helps you spot your luggage easily while reclaiming children’s lives . It is practical, environmentally sensitive and meets fair trade standards.

ECPAT-USA  (Ending Child Prostitution and Trafficking) is a non-profit children’s rights organization whose mission is to protect all children from commercial sexual exploitation.  Today it is estimated that there are over a million children exploited in the sex trade around the world, and 25% of the child sex tourists around the world are from the U.S. and Canada.

With a Tassatag on your bag, you are a part of the ECPAT-USA TassaTag Project and a visible voice working in solidarity with others against the sexual exploitation of children.

With a TassaTag you raise greater awareness of this major illegal trade around the world and demonstrate to the travel industry that the traveler is willing to support their efforts to ensure that the human rights of children are respected.

With a TassaTag you raise funds for the following ECPAT-USA efforts:

  • Training people in the Travel Industry to take a more active role against child sex tourism through the ECPAT Code of Conduct.
  • Informing the public that the sexual abuse of children (paid or unpaid) is against the law everywhere, and if caught the person will be prosecuted  and extradited to their home country.

* Mobilizing congress and state legislators to create the laws necessary to fully address this heinous crime against children.

With a TassaTag you support the women at the Regina Self-Help Center in Nongkhai, Thailand, where each tag is made from hand woven cotton and hand embroidered. The Center enables the women to stay in their villages and provides schooling for their children.  It also provides education and income generating skills and opportunities for the women. The Regina Center is one of the producing partners of HandCrafting Justice, which is a member of the Fair Trade Federation.

ATTA, with its history of social responsibility, has recently become a signatory to ECPAT’s Code of Conduct.  With a TassaTag, you help it to meet its promise to raise awareness of child sex tourism and name the issue clearly as an integral part of responsible tourism.  Go to or

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